Gothic Collection

Our English Gothic Bed range reflects true Gothic Architecture that flourished during the high and late medieval period. This influence is seen through the strong structured interlocking design featuring a tied-knot effect of the metal castings and the pointed arch shape of the headboard and footboard

  • £ 1,195 £ 795

    The Black Gothic Bed is a bed that commands the attention of all with its presence. The unusual design features include classic Gothic arches, elaborate steeple-shaped knobs and castings with a tied-bow effect. We're extremely proud of the craftsmanship involved in the creation of this Gothic Bedstead.

  • £ 1,095 £ 895

    The Gothic White Low End bed belongs in a contemporary setting. The Gothic Headboard carries all the Gothic features one would imagine - pointed arches, tied knot castings and steeple shaped knobs. The footboard has been lowered to accommodate customer requests for a product that uses a little less space without losing its character.

  • £ 1,095 £ 895

    The Gothic Black Low end bed is ideally suited for a bedroom that is in need of a magnificent centre-piece without taking up too much space. The Gothic Black Low-End bed has its own subtle characteristics without sacrificing the defining features of the Gothic bed such as the classic pointed Arches and the steeple shaped knobs.

  • £ 1,395 £ 995

     The off white finish brings elegant sophistication to the Gothic Bed collection. Featuring classic Gothic arches, and elaborate steeple-shaped knobs and castings with a tied-knot effect, the Gothic white can take pride of place in your bedroom whether it has a modern or traditional look.

  • £ 1,545 £ 1,145

    Our Gothic Bed with the Antique Silver Finish brings a contemporary look to a traditional design. The traditional design of the Gothic bed is embodied by the Gothic Arches and steeple-shaped knobs. The Antique silver finish ensures this design can fit into a modern day bedroom.