We have developed a collection of products to complement our uniquely designed wrought iron beds. We are proud to present our range our bedside tables, which are made from wrought iron and have a toughened glass top. The designs of our tables reflect the same castings and scrollwork seen in our bed collection. All our tables are made by hand using traditional processes for casting, forging and finishing. Our latest addition to accessories for your bed is our Iron Bench. This traditionally designed iron bench is ideally suited to take its place in a bedroom with any of our wrought iron beds.

  • £ 295 £ 195

    The Sneem design was influenced by the old beds of the late 19th century in England and the Sneem table reflects the classic design of this period. The simple design of our Sneem bed makes it an ideal complement to many of our bed designs, specifically the Blarney design, the Celtic Design the Connemara Design and the Wicklow Design.

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  • £ 295 £ 195

    While the Mulberry bed is sure to be the focal point of any bedroom, these tables serve to complete an elegant and romantic bedroom look. The intricate curves of the Mulberry Bed are replicated on three sides of the Mulberry table

  • £ 295 £ 195

    The twisting design on the top rail of the headboard and footboard of the Lagan bed is replicated on three sides of the Lagan table. It is a traditional design of simple elegance. The lagan table is also ideally suited to complement our Tara range of beds.

  • £ 300 £ 200

    The Kenmare table was designed with the same tradition design as our Kenmare bed. The castings present on the Kenmare beds footboard and headboard are present on two sides of the Kenmare table. These tables easily fit into a traditionally designed bedroom.

  • £ 325 £ 225

    This Gothic table is a unique design based around the Gothic arches, which are also present in our Gothic beds. The Gothic design also ideally complements our Avoca bed collection and our Modern Gothic bed collection.