Oxford Collection

The Oxford range is the epitome of timeless sophistication. With this stylish design, you will feel like royalty and sleep as soundly as any king or queen.

  • £ 725 £ 525

    With simplicity of design and flawless execution, this superb bed will fit in any bedroom. The darker colour allows this majestic and splendid offering to truly live up to its stately nature. At the same time it retains its subtlety and softness, adding new and hidden depth and layers.

  • £ 745 £ 545

    This bed offers a look of delicacy for those who appreciate classic quality that is pleasing to the eye. Perfectly proportioned, this bed is the embodiment of the maxim 'less is more'. The soft, delicate undertones radiate a richness and warmth that will enhance the wider space that it imbues.